Monday, December 04, 2006

Champs in Austin!

We arrived Friday night, and.. headed to eat!

Met in the lobby around 8:30 and most of the team went to eat at Rudy's with AJ.
Some headed for Pho, Vietnamese noodles, and Jim, Alex, Chris Hoffman and I went to
the South Austin Tennis Center, on 1000 Cumberland and...
Gary, the Tennis Coach was doing a shoot! Alex and Chris were asked to be extras, but...we
wouldn't be in town the following week, when they were going to come back to film! One of the coaches from Newk's was starring in this.

I was surprised by the big light filled balloon/blimp they used for lighting. The boys pretended to be part of the crew, and got about an hour of hitting in.

Next morning, we dispersed to the four winds, Andy was off to Georgetown, half an hour away, others to St. Stevens Tennis Academy, nestled in the mountains/cliffs of West Lake area(beautiful tennis courts and multi-million dollar homes....)

Sam battled out his matches, winning and then losing in a tough 3 setter, James got to the third round and ... another 3 set loss...then, Patrick battled out the 14s boys, in a 3 setter, and then... our last Champ turned... Super! Congrats to Nicole Murray on her CMZ tournament win!!

Here are some pics. of us freezing on Sunday, and loafing in the lounge of Super 8 Motel!

Your roving Team AJ reporter Mom,



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