Monday, April 30, 2007

Clear Lake Open, Met Girl's Finals and more!

This weekend, we had a great Team AJ Elite showing at the Clearlake Open! Brandon played Austin, in the finals, with Brandon winning after having beaten another fellow AJ teammate, Raj.
Here are the results:

(1) Brandon Farine d. (2) Austin Gonzales
6-3; 7-5
(2) Austin Gonzales d. Ashok Narayana
5-7; 7-5; 6-2
(1) Brandon Farine d. Raj Jana
6-4; 6-0
(2) Austin Gonzales d. Matthew Venner
6-3; 3-6; 6-2

The Cleaklake team was signed up en masse, as Coach Heim told them they had better sign up, or their entry to Lake Tennis in 07-08 would be in jeapardy!!
Robert did really well, too! Got to the finals, see below:

Carlos Eyzaguirre d. (1) Robert Voss
7-6(0)); 6-2
Carlos Eyzaguirre d. (2) Carter Axelsen
6-1; 7-5
(1) Robert Voss d. Chandra Kurati
6-2; 6-2
(2) Carter Axelsen d. D'Artagnan. Bebel
6-3; 6-2
Carlos Eyzaguirre d. Tony Williams
6-1; 6-4
Chandra Kurati d. Rushi Dave
Wd (tae)
(1) Robert Voss d. Jose Perez

Alex played Adi Suresh, a relatively new Champ from Virginia. He(Adi) won the tournament, don't know why Coach put Alex on that side of the draw. There were several new Champs from Newks, as we knew Adi from Tennis Freaks foray to Newks last Fall.
Meagan Harvey got to the semifinals, against the winner of the girls 14 Supers, Erika Emery. Good showing, Meagan!

Chase won his first two rounds, and lost in the third. Good showing, as well, Chase!

Then, Friday night at the Met!! The girls played off, with three ball boys, Josh, Chase and Alex. AJ really put out the red carpet treatment for the girl's final, with flowers, referee and ...the venue, the Met, at Downtown Houston was very nice. Paige won, congrats!
Then, to round out the weekend, a group of Clearlake students come out to Pine Forest. Maria, PJ, Meagan and Alex joined the Pine Forest group, and Alex played his semi-final against Jeffrey Trinh. Alex won 9-7, in a very long, hard match. Good play, boys!
I enjoyed being out there in the woods hence the name, Pine Forest... was lush, verdant and a slight breeze made for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. The new coach, Enrico, from France, flew in last week, drilled with the group and gave Maria her lesson on the green clay courts. Was fun sliding around in all that dust!
Note: AJ will take the first 3 to sign up, to Pine Forest with him, from I-45 and Beltway 8, at the Hollywood Video. Some parents, Olga, Alan and I may carpool, but... I think the drive is too long, 2 hours driving for 3 hours tennis, not very efficient use of time. Hmm, how about San Jacinto practice/hitting Sunday afternoons? Matchplay, instead? Email me with your thoughts, San Jac group! I can be reached at:
Your roving team Mom,